Sunday, June 24, 2007


Looks like my family is still stuck in limbo. My husband isn't gone, but he still isn't home. As he sits in a jail cell waiting for his flight back "home", it's getting harder and harder.

Jail can turn even the best of people into the worst. I see him, day by day, getting more angry and more bitter. I'm trying my best to keep his spirits up, but I am close to failing. It's hard for me to say this. I almost feel guilty for thinking it, but I wish they would hurry up and send him back already. I'm tired of the waiting and the uncertainty. He won't be here with us, but at least he would be out of there. He feels the same way.

I've had an interesting week. One thing really reminded me that there are good people out there. I forgot my lunch and headed down to the cafeteria for a quick bite. I was looking at the items on the grill. I had my heart set on a grilled cheese, but remembered they cooked all kinds of meat on that grill. As I turned to walk away, the cook said I can clean the grill for you if you like. He went to town. It took almost 5 minutes. He scraped it really good. He used soapy water and lots of towels. He told me he respected my religion and asked what I would like. As he started fixing my grilled cheese, he asked if I liked tomatoes. I do. He made me one of the most delicious grilled cheese and tomato sandwhiches I have ever eaten. I was so thankful. He made my day.

When I start to feel sorry for myself and think that everyone in the world hates us and has it out for muslims, it's people like that cook who restore my faith in humanity.

I'd love to hear of other's similar experiences as well.


Anonymous walaya said...

May Allah help you and your husband in this tough time!
ONce I was in this Chemistry class, and it was a week before ramadan. My professor called me and said, "I know Ramadan starts next week and we are going to have a quiz next week. If you need any special accomodation, a prefered time to take it, let me know."
I was awe-struck. He was Jewish... one of the nicest people I have encountered in my life.
so there...

8:27 PM  
Blogger Aeryn said...

Asalaam alaikum Sister,

Trying to think back on my time sice becoming a Muslim. I have had people walk up to me in the store and say some pretty awful things. But this one time, I went into a new doughtnut shoop that had just opened up, and there was a man there, and I was getting some doughnuts, and he turned to me and he said "I have a question and it is not meant to be offensive, but I was just wondering why Muslim women wear the headscarf?" And I told him what I knew. And he said that is really nice. And then he went on to say how he was raised religiously, pentacostal, which was very different than a lot of his friends growing up, and how he got a lot of comments made at his expense because of it. And he said "I am so glad that we live in a place where we can practice our religions freely." And I agreed with him. Ever since then he has always added a cookie to our doughtnuts on Friday, as a special treat for my daughter (he always says "now you have to wait until after lunch for that" to her). Its something so small and yet so meaningful for someone to go out of their way to be extra nice because they know what it is like to be the one who gets comments made at their expense sometimes. A truly nice man...

May Allah bless you and your family, give you strength, you are in my dua,


6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subhanallah. May Allah rectify your situation and give you ease, ameen.
Will you join him soon "back home?"
Love and salams,
Brooke AKA Ummbadier, Mother of Four, married to a North Africa, alhumdiallah.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Umm Yusuf said...

Assalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

May Allah reunite your family soon and give you patience. ameen.

Mash'Allah it is so wonderful to meet such people. And to know that you needed him to clean the grill means he must have known a little about Islam. That makes a huge difference. Usually, the rude people know nothing about Islam.

I have had a few good experiences. The one's that pop in my mind the most are when non Muslim women have stopped me and said: that is such a beautiful dress/scarf you are wearing.

5:04 PM  
Blogger UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

I am a little late but I wanted to see what has been going on. Insha'Allah you are not in Limbo anymore. Remember if you need anythng let me know(I promise I won't send you money) :)

7:22 AM  

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