Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pathetic attempts at blogging

Looks like my poor little blog is getting more neglected as each week passes. I don't know what it is, but I've never been able to get into blogging like I wanted to.

I've been notified by CNCZ that I need a new blog post because the last one makes her bawl. Well, this is for you my fellow married to a crazy algerian sister :)

Deciding whether or not to share this with the world has been difficult. I wasn't sure if it was too soon, but here goes nothing....I'm pregnant!!!! Yup, I'm gonna have another stinky little half american, half algerian baby. I hesitated to share this with you all because in these 5 months I've already been pregnant, misscarried and pregnant again. I'm so afraid that I will somehow mess things up by sharing so please send a big mashaAllah and lots of prayers our way.

My hormone levels seem to be extremely high. I am sick to my stomach and throwing up all hours of the night and day. I'm exhausted, and I've lost about 6lbs. I normally would be super excited about the weight loss, but I'm just so hungry. Too bad for me because I can't seem to keep anything down.

We obviously haven't told Abdurrahman that we're going to have a baby, but he knows somehow. Any time I complain about being sick, he tells me it's that baby in my stomach that is making me sick. He says he's a genius and his brain told him about the baby. MashaAllah I guess he is.

I think he's going to be a great big brother. He's waited so long for this, and I'm super excited for him.....and for us. It's another step towards normalcy and towards putting this awful nightmare behind us.

OH....I haven't shared this news with my entire family or friends so if anyone I know in real life reads this please do not mention this to anyone yet.