Sunday, August 31, 2008


I was planning a thoughtful post in remembrance of Hurricane Katrina, but instead I'm writing about the terror that will be Hurricane Gustav. I'm almost in shock, but I remembered this is the gulf coast we're talking about. I lived through Hurricane Andrew and numerous other hurricanes and tropical stroms. Until Katrina, I didn't pay much attention to hurricanes. My family NEVER evacuated. We boarded up the windows and made sure we had plenty of supplies. During Andrew, I remember sleeping on the floor of my parents' bedroom thinking that this would be the night I died. The thing that I remember most from the other storms was the heat when the power went out. You can only be so comfortable in 90+ degree weather with stifling heat. I always sat in my house sweating while my little brother had his tv, games, and a fan hooked up to a generator. The little brat. He has downs syndrom and my parents were concerned most about keeping him calm and comfortable. Today, in order to keep him calm and comfortable they evacuate. They began evacuating the year before Katrina because he just became too scared and since Katrina they do not mess around. They left Saturday afternoon and headed east to Alabama. My mom, dad, brother and 13 year old neice settled their motorhome at a campground in AL only to leave 12 hours later because storm surges were a threat there too. They have made their way into the northern part of Alabama and will, hopefully, be able to stay there.

My sister and her husband have refused to evacuate. They live in the lower part of our parish(aka county to most americans) nearer to the Gulf of Mexico and on LOW LOW ground. Her husband went to get a boat. How stupid is that? Seriously, if you think you may need a boat then you need to leave. My 76 year old grandmother has also refused to leave. She would not go with anyone in the family, but they were finally able to convince her to stay at my parents house. My parents live outside a flood zone on high ground next to the river. If she won't leave New Orleans we at least feel better that she is there. Not confident that she is safe...just better. One of my uncles has decided to stay behind with her. I hope that they are safe.

I pray for my family's safety and for their property to be spared. I also pray for all those who are in the path of this killer storm.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting ready for Kindergarten

My little man is growing up. He makes his bed and picks up toys in his room. He enjoys pouring his own drink and getting dressed. Now, he's picking out school supplies for kindergarten.

This morning we visited his school to finish some last minute paperwork. The school's principal was there and gave Abdu a little pop quiz. He counted from 1-10 and backwards from 10-1 and said his ABC's. MashaAllah, Abdu had a huge smile on his face when the principal told him how good he did. Abdu wanted to get out a pencil and start writing, but we had things to do. After we finished, we took a walk around the school building. When we walked passed the kindergarten classroom, I reminded him that he has to listen to the teacher and raises his hand when he wants to ask a question. He shouldn't hit or kiss people at school. Kisses are for mama and baba only. When we reached the bathroom, I showed him where the boy's room was. I took extra time to explain to him that he goes in the "man's room" and not the ladies. For his whole life I've taken him into the ladies room with me so it's a bit hard getting him to understand that he doesnt go in there at school. We took a look in the library and he told me that he is going to read all of those books. Overall, I'm satisfied with the school so far. We'll see how it goes in two weeks when he starts.

Just make duaa for my little man to transition well into the school environment. May Allah protect him. ameen.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Request

Saturdays are an all day chat fest with my husband. MashaAllah we are so lucky to have web cams to talk with each other. It makes the separation much easier. He likes to feel as though he is there with us. I take my laptop in Abdu's room and they "play" together. They watch children's Arabic videos. Abdu likes to show his dad how high he can jump or how hard he can kick his new ball. They yell. Oh boy do they yell. It's a load of fun just watching them.

My husband, believe it or not, even enjoys watching me cook. I will bring the laptop into the kitchen and give him a show. He oohs and aaaahs. It makes me feel great when he tells me how much he misses eating that dish and how much he wishes he could have it now.

I will even put on some makeup and nice clothes and my cute little apron. It puts a smile on his face. I know it is hard for him so I try to do what I can to make him happy. I try very hard to ease his pain. I let him know how much I need him and how important he is to me. He is very happy that I can be self sufficient and he doesn't need to worry about us, but it weighs on his manhood. For him, being a good father and provider are what makes him a man. I have to stroke his ego a bit. I gladly do that waiting for the day he comes home.

After inquiring about what I was cooking for dinner he asked me for something. His request was simple. He wanted a few things when he gets home. I had made a special meal before he left and he was requesting his returning meal now. HA! That man is crazy. He isn't even home yet and he's already thinking about food. When he arrives back in the US he will have: shorba fereek, sambousa, stir-fry, basmati rice, and salmon. I sure am one lucky gal if this is truly all he really wants.