Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How stress manifests itself in my body

When I get stressed, I get canker sores. You know those little painful ulcers in your mouth. I'm in week two of a nasty canker sore in the inside corner of my mouth. I haven't been able to eat, drink, or even talk too much. I moan and groan at work so much that my co-worker just tells me to sit there.

I hope it's cleared up before next week. Only 10 days left until our trip. So much to do and so little time. We'll make it okay. We always do.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Six Word Memoir

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Wrapped in his love again SOON

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Have you ever wondered what I do all night?

While most of you are sleeping, I'm busy working. I will tell you all a little bit about my profession, histopathology, and some of my favorite areas of work.

These summaries are taken from the National Society of Histotechnology website.

What is Histotechnology?
The Art and Science of Histotechnology: A Career to Consider

The birth of histologic technique dates back to 1664 when Robert Hooke cut sections of cork with his pen knife and observed them under a microscope. In 1670, Leeuwenhoek made sections from a quill, a bovine optic nerve and the centers of dried flowers using his hand sharpened razor. These events were the beginning of what was to become an important and unique laboratory discipline.

Histology is a structural science concerned with the demonstration of cellular morphology, chemical composition and function of normal and abnormal tissue. Many dyes and chemicals are used in histology and it is necessary to know their composition and how they act and react with each other. This knowledge, combined with an understanding of tissue composition, enables the histotechnologist to appropriately treat the tissue of interest. The end result yields a tissue section exhibiting distinct colors, making it possible to distinguish tissue structures through microscopic examination.

Histotechnology is a dynamic profession with new technology and methodology continually evolving. Once formal training is complete, there are numerous opportunities for continuing education via professional state societies and through the National Society for Histotechnology.

Scientist. Anatomist. Chemist. Medical Professional. A career in histotechnology is composed of these and much more. The search to unlock the secrets held by tissue structure reaches into many fields. It is through the skills of the histotechnologist that these secrets are revealed with color and clarity. Where such medical and scientific activity is pursued, it is certain that the histotechnologist will be regarded as a valuable member of the team.

If you make your decision to enter the healthcare profession and dedicate your life to the highest standards of excellence and integrity, your reward will include career satisfaction enjoyed by only a select few.
As a result of the histotechnologist’s skillful application of sophisticated laboratory techniques, the seemingly invisible world of tissue structure becomes visible under the microscope. Without the skills and expertise of the histotechnologist, many diagnoses could not be accurately made. Since this process requires a number of different skills, histotechnology is one of the most versatile of all the laboratory professions. The diverse tasks performed by the histotechnologist require patience, mechanical ability, knowledge of biology, physics, anatomy and chemistry; and the ability to work quickly but carefully.

Histotechnology is a career with many diverse specializations. The frozen section technique, which assists surgeons during patient surgery, requires the histotechnologist to perform STAT preparations of suspicious tissues sent from the Operating Room. Speed, accuracy and cooperation are critical. The surgeon, anesthesiologist and other operating room personnel await histologic diagnosis before proceeding with surgery.

With specialized training, histotechnologists may choose a career in electron microscopy. There, tissues are much smaller than those used in histology and are actually cut with the use of a microscope. Specific techniques and precise skills produce sections thin enough to allow the transmission of an electron beam to reveal tissue and cellular ultrastructure.

Another highly specialized area, immunohistochemistry includes the staining of antigenic sites to identify tumor cell lines within the tissue using various stains and antibodies.

Mastering these and other techniques, including certification by an accrediting institution, are essential in order to enter the medical profession of histotechnology. It is challenging and rewarding work.

So, there you have your generic description of Histology. I spend most of my night preparing slides for microscopic evaluation. I spend part of the night doing Qualtiy Control/Quality Assurance to make sure that all our testing is reliable and accurate. A recent case which involved a healthy kidney being removed instead of the cancerous kidny are just some of the errors that can happen in diagnosis of diseases. It was not known that that the wrong kidney was removed until a pathologist looked at the kidney microscopically on slides prepared by a histotechnologist.

I'm also very interested in specialized procedures of Immunohistochemistry. Some of the most valuable tests are for Her2neu and ER/PR(estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor) which are valuable for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Enough of all the science talk. Hope you enjoyed getting a glimse into my career.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Check out that view

So, looks like we found a place. I did some work on my husband. I totally scammed him into thinking that getting this place was his idea. I acted dumb and apprehensive about paying so much money. He couldn't say no. Alhamdulillah. He is supposed to sign the contract this week inshaAllah.

This place will allow us to spend some much needed time together without his extended family in our face. He's already made a demand list of food that he wants. I've been asked to bring: basmati rice(supposedely the rice in algeria sucks), red lentils, egg noodles, tahini(sesame paste used for making baba ghanoush) and worcestershire sauce for cooking his favorite shrimp.

It's supposed to be a relaxing vacation, but I've gotta leave him wanting more because who knows when we'll see him again.

Asking for some more duaa sisters. I really hope the apartment works out. We need it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Runaway Scarf

The book The Runaway Scarf written by my dear friend Corey Habbas is now available for purchase on amazon.

Corey is an exceptional woman. She doesn't just settle. She constantly strives to be better at everything she does. She has shown me a sense of support and understanding in a non-pushy way through my entire ordeal. This post is a way for me to show her my support.

So.........go buy the book NOW!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've got it!

My son's passport that is. Alhamdulillah! This morning my son and I went out to do a bit of shopping. When we got home, I found the envelope containing his passport. I wasn't expecting it. I was surprised. I was happy. I actually fell on my knees and started crying right in front of the elevator. I feel that we are all the more closer to seeing my husband. It's been a long time, and I felt just so overwhelmed with emotion.

I actually haven't been able to stop crying. Iknow we stil have to get the visa and the flight and all the drama that comes along with that, but it really is happening. I sent my husband a text which simply said, "I got his passport." I can only imagine the smile on his face when he read that.

Thanks to everyone who made duaa for us. The power of prayer is truly amazing. I ask you to continue to make duaa for us and remember that you, my internet brothers and sisters, are in my prayers as well.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

In the words of DictatorPrincess...Last week was THE SUCK!

So, none of my weeks are all that fabulous but last week was exceptionally horrible. I was excited to find out that our passports were finished. I mean who wouldn't be happy to have them done in less than 10 days. Too bad they decided not to issue my son a passport until they get further documentation. My husband wasn't available to go apply with us and he couldn't give his permission. I had to fill out a special form, and I was assured that was a legitimate reason and not to worry. Now I'm worried. I had to get a letter from my husband's lawyer and documents supporting my "claim" that he was deported. InshaAllah that will be enough. I now have exactly one month go get his passport and start working on our visas. My husband is super upset that I waited so long. What can I say? I'm a procrastinator and I'm busy. It will be done on time and I just have to believe that. We have been through enough and if Allah has willed it we will make it.

On top of the passport issues, my babysitter is being a major butt. I am very well aware that everyone has their limit and what some people can handle other people cannot, but I'm about sick and tired of the bull she tells me. By wednesday I was completely exhausted. I had to beg her to keep my son so I could get some rest. She did it but not after lots of complaining and whining and a guilt trip from her husband. I fell asleep about noon and didn't wake up until 11pm. That's right...I slept for 11 hours without even waking up once. My clothes weren't clean, I didn't eat, and I was late for work. After all that sleeping, I felt so good I decided to email MulticulturalMuslimah. We've been planning on getting together. We made plans to go to the masjid on Friday. Who would know that by friday I'd be exhausted all over again. My son looked at me and said, "mommy, you're eyes are black. Go to sleep!" Dang I love that boy. He has a way of making everything better. He's too good to me and I love him for it.

After a refreshing and restful weekend, I'm back here at work waiting for my shift to start. Today I actually got some sleep. Combine that with 2 Enviga and a grande skinny vanilla latte from starbucks and I'm good to go!

Still gonna share an interesting/scary story with you, but I won't do it now. You know I've gotta keep you in suspense.