Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday Mornings

I'm enjoying some peace and quiet on this lovely Saturday morning. My husband is at work and Abdu is at Arabic school. I sit here thinking about the lovely breakfast of fresh croissants and coffee we just ate while watching my ever expanding belly bounce around. It is a wonderful feeling.

Life had been very good lately. Normal. Routine. Almost mundane. Still, it's good.

I really have no clue what to write, and really I feel as though my brain is on vacation. I think I'll go for a list. Lists are fun, right? If not, just humor me. Please.

1. Abdu is doing great in the first grade. His teacher believes in him and pushes him to do better. His abilities in math and science have landed him in a math mentorship program with Lockheed Martin. He attends a special class in a small group on Wednesdays, and he enjoys coming home to show me all of the "hard stuff" he learned. He struggles a bit on the playground, but things are improving. He's begun to take taekwondo classes after school and that has given him some confidence outside of the classroom amongst his peers.

2. Abdu is also doing great in his arabic and islamic studies. I've seen so much improvement in the last 4 or 5 months. He just seems so eager to learn, and he loves it when he does well. He's well behaved and polite at school....always wanting his teachers to be proud of him. My husband picks him up from school for some much needed man time together.

3. I'm still working nights in that Pathology lab. I'm getting much more sleep than I previously was, and planning for an extended hiatus(3 months) from work in July. I'll return to work part-time(30hrs/week) until I feel the baby is old enough to be in childcare.

4. Speaking of the baby. I recently had my first ultrasound and things are looking well. It was a long exam that included a meeting with a genetic counselor, a level 2 ultrasound and a fetal echo. All of this was because of Abdu's congenital heart defect. The good news is that baby looks great...growing on schedule with no apparent body or heart defects. I do know the sex, but I cannot share :) My husband wants to be suprised so I have to keep it a secret. I've only told my immediate family. You will find out with everyone else in about 4 months.

5. Husband is doing well. He's a very hard worker, and I'm proud of the accomlishments he's made in such a short time. We are now approaching 8 months since his return home. We have settled into a more comfortable routine, and I've been able to undo a lot of the damage that my MIL and SIL did to him while he was in Algeria.

I'll attempt to come back to update in a few weeks after I have my next prenatal check-up.