Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where are you?

Where are you when I'm all alone in bed? It's been almost 5 months since we were next to eachter. Five months without feeling your strong arms around me. Five months pretending to be strong while falling apart inside. Five months trying to remember our last night together.

Where are you when he asks about you? He doesnt remember the last time he saw you, but I do. You were taken into a room never to be seen again. We sat between a glass window crying over two telephones. We couldn't believe it happened, but he just didn't understand. When we got up to go our separate ways he waited for you to come through the door, but you never did. He repeated the story we told him for four months. He loved visiting you every weekend until that day in August when you got on a plane and the visits stopped.

Where are you when I need you? The only man I've ever truly loved, the man who has been my husband for five years, the man who held my hand so tightly and kissed my cheek that morning in April when you left.......where are you?

I will think about where you are every day until I can say you are here with me again.